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    Carrier Cloud Summit including the SDN Workshop 2012  
Carrier Cloud Day Two Carrier Cloud Day One SDN Workshop   Interconnection & Provisioning  
  Server virtualization has revolutionized the business of IT and enabled the success of cloud computing, but the network has been the bottleneck in the virtualized data center. This has led to considerable inefficiency in the use of data center resources and a mismatch between the operational models of computation and networking.

Consequently, traditional carriers are investing and aggressively shouldering their way into the cloud computing space. Although they expect large revenues from the promising cloud services market, telcos have however the disadvantage of not being IT integrators. Companies are looking for providers that have complex IT skills and can integrate multiple systems. This is a major issue for carriers. But they can claim that they are the best placed to solve the two main drawbacks of cloud architectures: on one side, they tend to reduce administrator’s visibility; on the other side, the reliability of service cannot easily be guaranteed, especially for customers whose operations demand near-perpetual uptime.

What are the architectural choices?
What could be the role of SDN and OpenFlow?
What are the service strategies of service providers and cloud providers?
Which networking solutions are proposed?

During the Carrier Cloud Summit, to be held in Novotel Welness Paris CDG Conference Center from 19 to 21 June, 2012, project leaders, manufacturers and service developers will address these aspects in detail through up to date contributions.

The SDN Workshop: Which Architectural Approaches?

The first day of the conference will cover all technical issues in detail around the Software Defined Networking concept. SDN is a framework which aims to enable a converged service infrastructure that is efficient, flexible and reusable - meeting the needs of both network providers and end-users. 
But what are the consequences of SDN popular principles?

Key experts in this field will confront practical implementations with conceptual views.
Speakers list includes, among other experts, David Ward (Cisco), Bruce Davie (Nicira), Kireeti Kompella (Juniper) and Prodip Sen (Verizon).

A debate will close the workshop and confront different architectural approaches:
“SDN: do we need other control planes?”

Carrier Cloud Conference Agenda: Cloud Networking Solutions, SLAs, Security, Applications

Days 2 & 3 of the event will address the main networking solutions and service strategies currently proposed by the different actors of this promising market:

Traditional Carriers who provide data services and want to bundle cloud computing/storage with that bandwidth
New Carriers (MSPs) that are providing compute/storage and partnering with traditional telcos to provide the bandwidth
Pure Cloud Computing Players (Microsoft, Google, etc).
Vendors confronting their network design and solutions.

Speakers list include, among others, Yakov Rekhter (Juniper), Parantap Lahiri (Microsoft), Thomas Morin (Orange), Pedro Roque Marques (Contrail Systems) and Luyuan Fang (Cisco), all major contributors to the current IETF works.

Another panel will analyse how service providers and cloud providers position their service offering.

The proposals have been analyzed and categorized according to their degree of pertinence by the members of the scientific committee. 

The agendas of the SDN Workshop and Carrier Cloud Summit are now online.
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