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Extending the Perimeter


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Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN & SASE.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.

Empowering the Hybrid Workforce with SASE
A hybrid workforce requires the flexibility for workers to work remotely and, in the office, when they choose. This requires reliable connectivity, flexible security and centralized visibility to virtual, SaaS and cloud apps. With built-in application intelligence and redundancy, remote workforce will stay productive.

Valerie DiMartino,
Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix

Valerie DiMartino is a Principal Product Marketing Manager for Citrix SD-WAN solutions at Citrix. Valerie has over eight years of product and solution marketing experience with app delivery and security solutions.  Valerie authors blogs, white papers and webinars on SASE and SD-WAN topics. Valerie enjoys working with customers and telling their stories in the form of case studies and customer videos.  She drives SD-WAN Go-To-Market strategy for new technologies as part of the Citrix approach to SASE narrative.

Will SASE Transform IT Security for Businesses?
What is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and how can it deliver multiple security functions from the cloud?
How does the quality of threat intelligence you have access to help avoid security blind spots and stop false alerts?
Understand the key challenges.

Paul D’Cruz,
Director Cyber Security, EMEAR, Cisco

Paul D’Cruz has a passion for transformation through technology with a 20+ years of experience across Cisco’s main sales and technical groups including Service Provider, Enterprise, Public Sector, Commercial and Partner Channel.  Paul currently leads the cloud, endpoint and email security specialist organisation in EMEAR for Cisco. Supporting the sales go to market across Commercial, Enterprise, Public Sector and Service Providers in EMEAR.   Paul has led several of Cisco’s transitions including; cyber country digitisation strategy for UK; integration of the compute, networking, storage inside the data centre specialist organisation; expansion of the public services network for cross government secure connectivity and the introduction of the first IP broadcast media network into the UK.

Coffee/Exhibition/Networking Break

Telia: Multi-vendor SASE
Comparing monolithic and modular architectures and pointing out that modularity is in the best interest of Service Providers. This means in practice working with multiple vendors, not just one. For example building a SASE design by taking security from vendor 1 and SD-WAN from vendor 2 etc.

Janne Mikola, Technical Product Manager, Telia Company

Janne Mikola is the Product Manager of Telia SD-WAN service at Telia Company. He has been responsible for the service’s technical aspects since, and even before, its inception in 2017.   Mikola is a Master of Science in Computer Science from Tampere University (of Technology) and he originally wrote his M.Sc. thesis on Software-Defined Networks when SDN was in its early days. Mikola sees virtualization, automation and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) as today’s most important principles in modern networking services. For the immediate future Mikola is looking forward to push Telia’s networks into the direction of Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics and possibly even true AI.   Mikola is an active participant in international and inter-organizational talks which define the future direction of SDN and NFV. Lately, Mikola has made appearances as a Guest Lecturer in academia.

BT: From SD-WAN to SASE as a Service
SASE has been gaining traction over the last 18 months as a framework for combining secure access with a secure SD-WAN infrastructure. Introducing an eco-system approach to evolve from managed SD-WAN to managed SASE.

Scott Cowling,
Network Solutions Director, BT

Saurabh Sandhir, Head, Product Management, Nuage Networks from Nokia
Sdnbucks: SASE from an OTT MSSP Point of Vue
Implementing SASE from an OTT MSSP point of view, is all about seamless always-on user experience that drives a secure workspace, independent of access and/or location.

Niek Van Der Ven, Founder, Sdnbucks
Reliance JIO: Difference Between Enterprise Network Needs and Wants
Reviewing real world examples of how the latest technologies failed to meet the needs of the enterprise. From these, deducing network requirements that should form the base for every enterprise connection. Covering best practices for wireless/wireline access, high availability, automation, and AI/ML for networks.

Dr. Ritesh Mukherjee, Vice President – Enterprise Products, Reliance JIO

Ritesh Mukherjee is an accomplished leader with a focus on global communications and technology. Ritesh manages a global portfolio of market-leading innovative enterprise solutions for Reliance Jio. He is responsible for transforming networks and services using SDN/NFV, SD-WAN, cloud, IoT, AI/ML, and 5G technologies.  Prior to Reliance Jio, Ritesh was Vice President, Product Management at 128 Technology (acquired by Juniper Networks) leading SD-WAN and cloud technology development and Manager, Product Management at Cisco leading the software operating systems group. Ritesh has engineered the largest deployments of SD-WAN and enterprise networks for leading businesses globally.  He is a sought-after speaker and thought leader. Ritesh holds a PhD in Computer Science from Concordia University, Montreal.  

Lunch/Exhibition/Networking Break


Joel Stradling,
Research Director, European Security, IDC

Rethink the WAN as an Anywhere Workforce Network
Enterprises continue to face monumental challenges to support their anywhere workforce. Learning about solutions and offerings, differentiated values, and use cases. hearing about innovations, including cloud-delivered SASE services such as Secure Access that aligns with the principle of ZTNA.

Speaker from VMware
Establishing Zero Trust Security
Establishing zero trust is crucial to network security, but few companies have the luxury of rearchitecting their networks from scratch. Discussing how to start establishing zero trust without completely rearchitecting the network.

Patrick MeLampy, Juniper Networks Fellow

Patrick MeLampy serves as a Juniper Fellow at Juniper Networks. Before joining Juniper Networks through acquisition, Patrick was the co-Founder, COO and CTO at 128 Technology.   Prior to 128 Technology, Patrick was CTO and Founder of Acme Packet until it was acquired by Oracle in 2013. After the acquisition, Patrick served as Vice President of Product Development for Oracle Communications Network Session Delivery products.  Patrick has an MBA from Boston University, and an Engineering Degree from University of Pittsburgh. Patrick has been awarded 35 patents in the telecommunications field.

Coffee/Exhibition/Networking Break

ZTNA: What Zero Trust Means
Joel Stradling,
Research Director, European Security, IDC

Work from Anywhere, Security Everywhere
Deeping into use cases in diverse vertical industries where organizations have reinvented their network and security strategy to include SASE. Covering the nuances behind SASE and what capabilities of this as-a-Service offering has made organizations successful in the end, as well as those that did not.

Thomas Nuth,
Director Product, Marketing, Fortinet

Thomas (Tom) Nuth is the Director of Product Marketing for Cloud Edge solutions at Fortinet. Tom has over a decade of product and solution marketing experience within IT and OT automation and cybersecurity.  Tom is part of the Fortinet Security-Driven Networking Group (SDN) charged with Go-To-Marketing efforts of new technologies and cloud framework offerings, such as SASE.

Why The Service Edge of SASE is So Important
Discussing different approaches to the SASE architecture and how a decomposed SASE can serve the need for integration of innovation and the ever changing enterprise and service provider requirements.

Amir Zmora,
CEO & Co-founder, flexiWAN

Amir Zmora is CEO & Co-founder of flexiWAN, the world’s first Open Source SD-WAN & SASE.  Before starting flexiWAN, Amir was CEO & Co-founder of SwitchRTC, a Real-time, interactive WebRTC based video CDN and B2B/B2C collaboration solution acquired by YouNow. Among his previous positions, Amir was VP Products & Marketing for the Technology Business Unit of RADVISION, an Avaya company.

Journey to SASE: Your Way with SD-WAN
While SD-WAN adoption is now mainstream, the integration of cloud security is becoming critical, enabling enterprises to evolve to a cloud-based SASE architecture, that connects and secures all categories of users to all kinds of cloud or on-premise applications. Exploring the flexible options for your journey to the SASE model.

Stefano Testa,
Director of Sales, SD-WAN EMEAR, Cisco
End of Day Two