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Extending the Perimeter

Extending the Perimeter

The advent of “Secure Access Service Edge” is incontestably the most important trend in the WAN and Cloud networking realm.  The motivation that drove Gartner to create the SASE framework was the conviction that there needs to be a better way to secure the WAN edge. 

Indeed, with businesses embracing the cloud, IoT becoming prevalent, users going mobile, and 5G applications requiring responsiveness – it is not possible to provide security with traditional or cloud models only.

The key objective of the SASE framework is, therefore, to meet both the networking and security requirements of the individual remote site or user. 

But, how SASE is deployed – which of the framework services are deployed for a given site or user and how they are deployed - should be based on the individual customer’s requirements, not by a predetermined methodology. 



A SASE Solution Should be Flexible and Scalable

  • Is it possible to Standardize SASE Services?
  • How to develop and support the inversion of the network-centric model to that of a cloud-centric model?
  • How service providers can bring to market a SASE solution that leverages their existing infrastructure?
  • In other words: will SASE become in the next months THE turn-key solution that includes “best of breed” virtual network functions, device flexibility, analytics, automation and system integration?
    Or will it be the last example of these brand new acronyms monopolizing the attention but finally appearing empty?
The SASE Conference will bring detailed responses through renowned technical experts addresses, service providers testimonies and analysts forecast.

Special focus on ZTNA

A specific session and a panel will address the Zero Trust Network Access concept.

It will be demonstrated how, unlike network-centric solutions like VPNs or FWs, ZTNA takes a fundamentally different approach to securing access to internal applications.

A Call for Papers is open until February 28th, 2021


The Virtual Exhibition

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the virtual exhibition and meet the companies present, see their solutions, demos, products and of course get in touch with them with your questions and requests.

The exhibition will be open (Paris Time):
  • Wednesday 26th May 2021 from 09.00 to 19.00
  • Thursday 27th May 2021 from 09.00 to 19.00


SD-WAN Virtual Summit 2020: a Great Attendance

With 750+ participants, meaning a 35% progression compared to the 2019 edition, coming from 54 countries (36 last year), the virtual 2020 edition saw an uptick in attendance from the previous year, confirming the ongoing interest in the network softwarization process.

The registered attendees figures show that telco and enterprises percentage also grew from 50 to 56% (see all details bellow). More than ever, the Summit remains THE place to be to talk business and trends with key experts.

SDWAN 2020
SDWAN 2020
SDWAN 2020