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    Achieving the transition.  
    The second SD-WAN Summit will take place from the 26th to 28th September 2017 in Paris CDG.  
    The agenda: technological challenges, operators and enterprises case studies, security and management issues  
The EANTC Workshop
The conference starts with a workshop addressed by the EANTC. This session covers key SD-WAN design requirements, solution parameters, implementation pitfalls, based on test results and live demo.
Conference technical sessions
Renowned experts will address the main remaining technical challenges:
  • SD-WAN technical implementation options
  • Service capabilities and consumption
  • Application recognition and classification
  • Performance monitoring and traffic steering
  • Security and scalability issues
  • Management and orchestration
  • Future directions
Panels & round tables: Internet underlay, NaaS, Standards
The main panel will tackle the following questions:
  • Is SD-WAN to become the swiss army knife of the network or just one service among others running on a uCPE device?
  • Is the internet a viable underlay or must we work on automating Ethernet/MPLS underlay?
  • Is SD-WAN that next generation service or is it a compromise while Telco’s play catch-up?
  • Where are Telco’s on the journey to NaaS?
  • What sort of control are they handing over to the end-customer and what needs to happen to progress this?
Other round tables will address the following subjects:
  • SD-WAN at the Edge
    HW vs. SW, capabilities of SD-WAN edge devices
  • Security issues
    How to handle network firewalls, malware protection, web content-filtering, and device authentication.
  • SD-WAN integration with NFV & SDN 
    Standard interfaces or proprietary?

Telco deployment experiences session
  • What are the organisational challenges for telcos?
  • What are their main technological challenges and how they are addressed?
  • Does SD-WAN need a standard? At least, interop between SD-WAN solutions supporting SP off net scenarios?

Hear testimonies from Verizon, Orange, BT, Colt, Telia, Exponential-E
Enterprises expectations session
As reported by an enterprise representant who will testimony during the conference : « There are so much providers using SD-WAN as a marketing statement while they do not offer a real SD-WAN solution ». Enterprise representants (Interroll, Carrefour) will describe their current deployment challenges in terms of performance, orchestration, VNF implementation, etc.

A special effort will be made to bolster the participation of enterprises. They will be able to exhibit their strategies and expectations by business sector (industry, bank & finance, distribution/transport, etc.).
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    Participant profile: more than 50% SPs & Enterprises  
    A survey of conference-goers shows that service providers (35%) and enterprises (16%) represented more than 50% of the delegates. Consultancy firms and analysts were also in attendance, making up 11% of the participants.  
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